PDP Campaign Council: Only PDP Can Restore Economic Growth And Make Nigeria Debt-Free

PDP Campaign Council: Only PDP Can Restore Economic Growth And Make Nigeria Debt-Free
PDP Campaign Council: Only PDP Can Restore Economic Growth And Make Nigeria Debt-Free

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Campaign Council on Wednesday affirmed that the party is in the best position to recover Nigeria, make it debt-free and restore it to economic wellness.

Addressing a press conference at its campaign headquarters in Abuja, the Director, Voter Intelligence and Strategy of the Council, Osita Chidoka, said the main opposition party is ready for Saturday’s exercise.

He said the PDP had beforehand been in a position where it had to deliver the country and will do it again to right the wrongs done by the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) eight years at the helms.

He said “The task to recover Nigeria and restore the golden years of unaccustomed economic growth, a debt-free nation, a country admired in the global arena and a nation united in purpose and vision can only be realised under a PDP government. A party with the experience and capacity to rebuild Nigeria like we did after the locust years of Military rule.

The PDP is ready for the elections. The election day plans are driven by data, technology, tested process and most importantly, our people on the ground in the entire 176,606 poll units in the country.

PDP is contending aspirants for all 109 senate seats and 360 house of representative seats. Every single person on the PDP ticket is committed to making the country great again. “

We’ve seen first-hand what 8 years of APC has done to our people and we’re determined to right the wrongs of the last 8 years. No doubt Nigeria is presently moving at great speed in the wrong direction. But together, we can pull the boscages and reverse the direction.

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Our party, the PDP has done it already, and the records are there for every Nigerian to see. Alhaji Atiku Abubakar’s manifesto has shown the plans for Nigerians and we, as a party, pledge to deliver on our words to all Nigerians when you elect us back into office. Come out to vote on Saturday, and let us open a new, prosperous page in the book of our national history.

According to him, the 2023 general election is particularly important because it presents an chance for Nigerians to bring the country back from the point of economic collapse and unaccustomed insecurity.

He noted that citizens have the chance to determine not only who’ll lead the country, but also which party will form the majority in the National Assembly to drive the required effort to change the course of national direction over the coming four years.

The former Aviation Minister assured that the PDP has spent time and finances training all it agents across the 176,847 polling units as well as all the agents in the 8,809 wards and 774 local governments to ensure that nobody steals its vote.

He added “We’ve campaigned across the length and breadth of the nation, and not just spoken to Nigerians about what our plans are, but harkened to you tell us what problems you want us to solve for you.

Our presidential aspirant Alhaji Atiku Abubakar andvice-presidential aspirant Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa both know the pains ordinary Nigerians are going through because of the ruinous and badly implemented policies.

We, as a team are ready and willing to work to ensure a better country for us all.

Chidoka stressed the innovations the PDP has made going into the election, saying “First, the Presidential aspirant and the National Assembly aspirants committed to an irrevocable pledge to deliver the following effects to the Nigerian People enhancing transparency and accountability across the whole government. We’ll make the Freedom of Information Act a functional law again.

Drastically reduce the cost of government through improving citizen oversight and a strong emphasis on controlling waste and cost reduction.

Reduce multidimensional poverty by 40% over the coming four years and put food on the tables of Nigerians again.

Reduce our unsustainable national debts.

Raise investments in education and infrastructure by incrementally expanding budgetary allocation.

Ensure quick passage of bills that deteriorate further powers to subnational governments, and secure Nigeria through the adoption of robust conflict resolution mechanisms and bettered welfare and funding of our gallant security forces.

A harmonious alliance and respect for the constitutionally enshrined separation of powers is the defining mark of a PDP government. That alliance with the National Assembly will make the load a lot lighter for the elected President.

The second innovation and of particular deep interest to the Presidential aspirant of the PDP, Atiku Abubakar is a commitment he has made to Nigerian youths through a document named MY COVENANT WITH NIGERIAN YOUTHS.

The document outlines the big six focus areas Diversity, unity and inclusiveness, Security, peace and prosperity, Education, Entrepreneurship and Technology, Gender inclusion and vulnerable groups, youth participation, engagement and advocacy, human rights, law enforcement and judicial reforms.

In specific terms Atiku Abubakar made the following commitments to Nigerian Youths that in within the first 90 days of assumption of office he’ll Appoint a Minister of Youths and Sports who’ll not be aged than 40 years; Appoint cabinet- level Special Advisers under the age of 40 years to oversee specific youth concentrated enterprise.

Rename the Ministry of Information and Culture to include the creative industry with the mandate to give funding and incentives for youths in the industry.

Set up a youth Advisory Council to be chaired by the Vice President to identify crucial issues impacting youth in Nigeria and recommend administrative conduct and legislation to address these issues.

Commence the disbursement of the promised $10 billion backing for MSMEs with priority on youth and feminine beneficiaries.

These two innovations and commitments are unique to the PDP and signal our total dedication to issues defying Nigerians.


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