President Kagame Of Rawanda Embarks On Nationwide Campaign Towards His Re-election

Busogo, Musanze district played host to a significant political event as President Paul Kagame, the esteemed leader of RPF-Inkotanyi, initiated his bid for re-election today, Saturday, June 22. The launch of his campaign was marked by an impressive turnout, evident by the sea of enthusiastic RPF supporters dressed in the party’s colors of blue, black, and red. The crowd showcased their support through RPF-branded attire, spirited flag-waving, and the donning of baseball caps emblazoned with the party’s insignia.

A comprehensive campaign trail awaits President Kagame, who is slated to visit a total of 19 different venues across Rwanda to rally support. This comes ahead of a historic moment for the nation, as Rwanda prepares to conduct its first joint presidential and parliamentary elections in July 2024.

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The campaign, indeed, marks the beginning of a pivotal period in Rwanda’s democracy. As President Kagame travels from district to district, the enthusiasm and political engagement of the Rwandan people seem set to be galvanized in anticipation of the upcoming elections. With the President’s longstanding history of leadership, his campaign journey is expected to draw significant attention and dialogue within the country, as Rwanda steps closer toward its electoral milestone next year.


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