Press Release: The African Future Leadership Magazine Births

African Future Leadership Magazine Births
African Future Leadership Magazine Births

We have the exceeding joy to present the first edition of AFRICAN FUTURE LEADERSHIP MAGAZINE, AFLM! This scintillating maiden edition was launched on Friday 28th October 2022 at the prestigious ORIENTAL HOTEL, Victoria Island, Lagos Mega City, in the well attended 7th Edition of the FUTURE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE AND AWARDS event.

Birthed under the aegis of FUTURE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCES, the AFL Magazine is a monthly publication of the SECOND CHANCE CARE FOUNDATION, which caters for persons in dire circumstances in need of a second chance for better life.

The PUBLISHER and FOUNDER of the foundation, Mr. MARK IDIAHI, is passionate in all his endeavours and especially now in engaging to get leadership right in the continent of Africa. This he sees as basic because every success and well-being depends on LEADERSHIP!

The MISSION of AFLM is thus: To promote excellence in leadership and enlighten Africa’s leadership capacities in all spheres of human endeavour.
The VISION is: To be the undisputed reference medium on the continent’s leadership thrust and growth potential.

AFLM Core VALUES are: Excellence, Lucidity, People oriented, Team work, Honesty, Credibility, Truth, Equity and Justice.

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In this regard the AFL Magazine will serve inter Alia as the mouthpiece for highlighting the pressing need for committed, excellent, selfless, people-oriented and credible leadership as a sine-qua-non throughout the continent of Africa.

African Future Leadership Magazine Births
African Future Leadership Magazine Births

There should be a thorough and uncompromising departure from the past tendency towards mindless ineptitude, unbridled corruption, crass nepotism, mediocrity and such unwholesome characteristics that have heralded for us as Africans nothing but backwardness, tyranny, impunity, oppression and bigotry; characterizing our environment with vandalism, treachery, terrorism, banditry, assassinations, lethal kidnapping, ritual killings, perpetual poverty and rampant armed robbery and criminality; all this owing to untold unprecedented hardship occasioned by heavily tainted and twisted electoral malpractices and corrupt governance riveted in self-aggrandizement and the seizure of offices for spoils for satisfaction of selfish purposes rather than for the good of the masses in a society founded on the lofty ideals of egalitarianism, equity, truth and justice as engendered only by responsive, responsible and people oriented governance.

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This PRESS RELEASE therefore serves as an official invitation to all our broadcast and print media and all online/offline media partners, advertising Agencies, friends, colleagues and the general public, to come and be part of our Special media unveiling of the AFRICAN FUTURE LEADERSHIP MAGAZINE!

The event is a Deo Valente, scheduled to hold at the CAFE of the SILVERBIRD GALLERIA, VICTORIA ISLAND, LAGOS, on TUESDAY the 8th of NOVEMBER, 2022.
TIME: The event commences at 11 am prompt!



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