Rescue operations are underway in Mozambique after heavy rains

In Mozambique the authorities are still dealing with the effects of the heavy rains that caused floods in the province of Maputo this week.

Local sources reported that at least 2,400 families have been affected.

The floods affected the Matola neighbourhood and the Boane district near the capital, Maputo.

“Our houses are full of water; we don’t have anywhere to sleep. Our barn went with the rain, we have no food. People are being dragged with the water, there are a lot of houses in Caful, all are down with the water, there is no boat that can rescue those people, we are asking for help with helicopters or boats”, pleaded Lurdes Simão Dove, a flood victim rescued from Boane district.

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Rescue teams have been dispatched to the affected areas. The heavy rains caused the collapse of many homes.

“From yesterday to today we rescued more than one hundred people and today we expect to rescue more than 300 people”, added Adolfo Mate, First Secretary from Boane district.

More flooding is expected in Maputo Province as water from flooded rivers in South Africa and Eswatini makes its way downstream.


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