Rwanda is World’s Most Innovative Low-Income Economy

By our Correspondent

Categorically, Rwanda is the most innovative economy among low income countries.
This is the case as according to the latest Global innovation index, the eastern African nation ranks first of its income group before Madagascar and Ethiopia and sits on 9th spot of the sub-Saharan African group.
Of course, this was confirmed by the 2022 Global Innovation Index or GII tracks innovation trends worldwide.

It assesses the innovation performance of around 132 economies while highlighting innovation strengths and weaknesses.

Ranked at 45th, 61st and 67th, respectively, Mauritius, South Africa and Morocco are the best ranked African nations.

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Thus, Mauritania, Burundi and Guinea are the least innovative African economies.
This innovative report commends Rwanda’s policies for doing business and its scientific and technical articles which it lists among the nation’s strengths.

Significantly, of the 26 outperformers on innovation, eight are from Sub-Saharan Africa, with Kenya, Rwanda and Mozambique in the lead.
Switzerland, the United States and Sweden lead the global Innovation Index.


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