Siemens Partners PANA Infrastructure To Upgrade Nigeria’s Electric Power

Siemens Partners PANA Infrastructure To Upgrade Nigeria's Electric Power
Siemens Partners PANA Infrastructure To Upgrade Nigeria's Electric Power

Siemens, a global technology leader, and PANA Infrastructure, a Nigerian conglomerate, have formed a strategic partnership to modernize Nigeria’s electric power infrastructure. The collaboration aims to provide grid automation and smart infrastructure solutions nationwide, addressing Nigeria’s pressing electricity challenges and fostering economic growth and technological advancement.

The partnership focuses on enhancing grid reliability and stability, expanding electrification rates, and unlocking Nigeria’s industrial power sector potential. It will leverage advanced technologies and solutions to improve productivity, efficiency, and quality, while developing local capacity and skills.

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“This collaboration underscores our commitment to sustainable development and advancing technology in Nigeria,” said Sabine Dall’Omo, CEO of Siemens Sub-Saharan Africa.

Daere Akobo, Chairman of PANA Holdings, added, “This strategic collaboration will transform Nigeria’s power sector, addressing critical power infrastructure challenges and aligning with the government’s transformation agenda.”

The partnership aims to drive sustainable growth and development in Nigeria, tackling challenges such as electricity losses, rural electrification, capacity building, local production, technology transfer, and quality standards.


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