Sierra Leone has Passed Women Member of Parliament Bill

Sierra Leone has Passed Women Member of Parliament Bill
Sierra Leone has Passed Women Member of Parliament Bill

Available news reports say that the Sierra Leone parliament has finally passed a new bill to ensure women a third of parliaments seat, as well as local councillors.

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This new bill, which is said to have been passed by parliament, was a key promise in the 2018 election campaign as the bill will now go to the President, Julius Bio, to be signed into law.

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Although, the drafting of the bill took three years for the unanimous approval by the cabinet, it is still a very welcome development.

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An earlier draft stipulated a slightly lower 30 percent quota but was eventually amended.

Very currently, only 19 of Sierra Leone’s 146 members of parliament are women.

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Rugiatu Rosy Kanu, an opposition member of parliament and deputy chair of a parliamentary committee on gender and children’s affairs said, ” We want men and women to work together in making our society better.” Hence, not all believe the legislation goes far enough.

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Generally, the belief is that we should have more space for women interested in politics and encourage more women to go into politics.


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