Stay out of politics, Lalong warned civil servants

Plateau State Governor Simon Lalong on Tuesday warned civil servants to avoid being used by political parties to sabotage the programs and activities of his government, especially as political activities are increasing in the country.

Lalong spoke in Jos on Tuesday at Government House when he was swearing in 10 new permanent secretaries recently appointed by his administration.

The governor congratulated the new appointees for attaining the pinnacle of the civil service having gone through the requisite exams and vetting, and found to be suitable for appointment into these exalted offices.

He said the reward for their years of hard work, dedication and commitment to the progress of Plateau State and Nigeria.

Lalong said, “May I sound a note of warning to the appointees that we shall not tolerate indiscipline, indolence, disloyalty and flagrant abuse of office. Any of you found to be involved in any act of sabotage will be shown the way out and subjected to all disciplinary procedures.

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“This warning is important because we are in the peak of politicking where the temptation for disloyalty is high. Rather than get enmeshed in politics, you should concentrate on implementing government projects, programmes and policies that will enable us deliver our mandate to the people.

“That way, you will be writing your name in gold within the annals of achievements of the Rescue Administration as well as setting up yourselves for greater service to the state and nation in the future.”

The governor asked the new permanent secretaries to consider the position as a huge challenge to show the stuff they are made of, and also demonstrate that indeed they earned the promotion.

“This is not the time to think you have arrived and become lethargic, arrogant and power drunk. The civil service is a well-structured bureaucracy that follows a long tradition of rules regulations and guidelines. At this point, you do not need to be schooled on the terms and conditions of the service.

“However, I must remind you that you are expected to work within the schedule of the service to avoid getting into trouble or putting the system in jeopardy” he said.

Lalong challenged the appointees to put in extra effort to justify the promotion and also set a good example for the staff that they are expected to guide and direct, saying they must uphold the virtues of probity, accountability, honesty, fairness and justice.












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