Study Examines Billionaires Who Attained Wealth Rapidly

Study Examines Billionaires Who Attained Wealth Rapidly
Study Examines Billionaires Who Attained Wealth Rapidly

A recent study has examined the earnings of billionaires to identify and rank those who achieved wealth at an accelerated pace.

Changpeng Zhao, a co-founder of Binance, emerged as the individual who attained wealth most swiftly, reaching his first billion dollars within a mere 7 months of the company’s inception. Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg also secured positions in the ranking, each taking 4 years to attain their initial billion-dollar milestones.

Experts at EvenBet Gaming conducted the study, focusing on the duration since the establishment of the companies that led to the billionaires’ first billion.

The analysis encompassed various factors, including the age at which they became billionaires, their educational background, current net worth, and the recent revenue generated by their respective companies.

Changpeng Zhao, with a current net worth of $33 billion, achieved the fastest accumulation of wealth, attaining his first billion in just 7 months after co-founding Binance. Zhao, like many others on the list, holds a degree in computer science from McGill University in Montreal.

In the ranking, Jay Walker secured the second position, taking only a year to reach his first billion. As the founder of, Walker achieved this milestone in 2000. Notably, Walker is no longer on the Forbes list, distinguishing him as the sole individual in the ranking.

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Gary Winnick claimed the third spot, requiring 1.5 years to become a billionaire after founding Global Crossing in 1997. Winnick, who was 51 at the time of his billionaire status, achieved this feat with the company generating a revenue of $160 million, the lowest among the billionaires on the list.

Eric Lefkofsky secured the fourth position, spending two and a half years to reach billionaire status through Groupon. Since 2011, Lefkofsky has increased his net worth to $3.8 billion. Unlike many others on the list, Lefkofsky holds a Doctor of Law degree from the University of Michigan Law School, coming from a legal background.

The study also highlighted additional individuals who rapidly amassed wealth, including Evan Spiegel, Cheng Wei, Pierre Omidyar, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Colin Huang, and others, showcasing their remarkable journeys to billionaire status within a relatively short timeframe.


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