Ugandans, Japanese Relations Boost Skills Academy

By our Correspondent

Expressly, a group of Ugandans based in Japan have raised scholastic materials and sports equipment to support the growing Bukomera Skills Academy in Kiboga district.

This was confirmed by Livingstone Kyeyune, the chairperson board of trustees Uganda Diaspora Japan, who led a team of Ugandans and Japanese to the academy on Tuesday and donated 20 footballs, two boxes of exercises books and sports T-shirts.

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And Kyeyune, who founded the academy five years ago, said it has been under construction with support from friends in Japan.

Kyeyune said, “The academy will teach practical vocational and sports skills involving various disciplines. It attracts pupils and students from the surrounding schools in the area. Girls will be involved to participate in various sports disciplines.”

Also, the schools, which are expected to benefit from the sports include Bukomero Junior School, Kayunga Primary School, Mategi Primary School and Nabinene Primary School.

This effort according to experts, is made because sports impart in children life lessons such as teamwork, goal setting, handling fear and failure, mental toughness, commitment and self-discipline.

Thus, Kyeyune indicated that their goal is providing sports skills and practical skills to children at an early age.

Hence, Kyeyune said, “They will be learning in schools and attending sports lessons after class, on the weekend and during holidays.”

He advised the youth to maintain discipline, focus on education and success in life. The Uganda Diaspora Japan enables the facilitation of the exchange of knowledge and culture between two countries.

Again, related to this, the skills the learners will get from the academy are expected to help them be leaders for themselves and to support their communities.

“Through Uganda Diaspora in Japan, we bring support towards achieving Uganda’s national development agenda. We use the association to promote Uganda’s tourism. We bring tourists from Japan to Uganda who bring money to Uganda’s economy,” Kyeyune said.

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Then of course, he mentioned that the association recently got support and was able to build an eco-friendly stove at Bukomero Junior School.

He further added that some of the support they were getting was through the Fukuoka-Uganda Friendship Association (FUUKA), an association based in the Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan.

Meanwhile, Raphael Tibita, the coach at the academy, said the academy has now accumulated reasonable amounts of equipment which will help the learners. He added that additional sports equipment was always welcome. This was because the demand to use them was high.

On his part, Frederick Kabuyez the headteacher at Kayunga Primary School, thanked the friends from Japan for their commitment. He said the support they have provided to the academy will nurture the youth.

In this wise, the delegation from Japan expressed joy in meeting the learners and was impressed by the enthusiasm of the learners and the progress of the academy. They promised to provide as much support to them as they could.

So, Fred Ndaga alias Yamaguchi Kosuke, the vice-chairperson of the Uganda Diaspora Japan encouraged the children to maintain discipline as it was the key to success in life. Kosuke added that good leadership was key to progress in society.


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