UN seeks $1.2b for Humanitarian Needs in North East Africa

By our Reporter

Authoritative sources have it that the United Nations (UN) Humanitarian Coordinator for Nigeria, Matthias Schmale, has said that $1.2 billion (N553.2b) is required for urgent humanitarian needs in the North East.

In this direction, he explained that, the region is facing one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises, adding that 5.4 million people are in need of assistance in 2023.

Thus, Schmale in a statement in Maiduguri, Friday, disclosed that: “The scale of suffering borne everyday by women, men and children in Borno State, is alarming with enormous distress.” He then attributed the humanitarian needs to the war in Ukraine and the impact of climate change in the horn of Africa.

He said besides that, in 2023, there is concern that the North East and Burkina Faso will experience extreme hunger. “This could slip into famine, if conditions worsen among the vulnerable groups in the region,” he warned. He noted that Adamawa and Yobe states remain undiminished, as urgent action is needed now, more than ever.

As Schmale put it, “The needs of 5.4 million people in the region will require about $ 1.2b (N553.2b).”

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He said humanitarian community with government and humanitarian partners are to address the needs and advocate for the survival, wellbeing and dignity of the affected people in crisis

He stated further: “Without them, we would not be able to support the government in addressing humanitarian needs in Nigeria.”

He also discloseddisclosed that the 2023 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) would be launched.

Concluding, he assured that, “The humanitarian community will take collective action to save people’s lives and protect the most vulnerable.”


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