UNILORIN, UNIBADAN Emerge Winners Of 2023/24 Climate Risk Research Challenge

UNILORIN, UNIBADAN Emerge Winners Of 2023/24 Climate Risk Research Challenge
UNILORIN, UNIBADAN Emerge Winners Of 2023/24 Climate Risk Research Challenge

The University of Ibadan (UI) and the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) emerged as the champions in the Nigeria 2023/24 Climate Risk Research Challenge, recognizing their outstanding contributions to climate risk research within the country.

During the event held at the University of Ibadan, Vice-Chancellor Professor Oyebode Adebowale, represented by Deputy Vice-Chancellor Administration Professor A. Olapegba, commended the groundbreaking research endeavors focused on addressing climate risks and enhancing resilience in the agricultural sector.

The DEWSClim Innovators from the University of Ibadan, under the leadership of Peace Aburime, clinched the first position, securing a prize of $5,000.

UNILORIN TEAM A, led by Jimoh-Faari Abdulkabir, secured the second position with a prize of $3,500, while the APEX Team from the University of Ibadan, led by Olajire Aduragbemi, claimed the third spot, winning $1,500.

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Professor Adebowale underscored the significance of student innovation and collaboration in addressing climate-related challenges, particularly in ensuring food security, commending the students for their creativity and resilience.

Abubakar Shuaibu from Green Energy Mission Africa praised the event for showcasing the brilliance and dedication of young scholars, highlighting their innovative approaches to mitigating climate risks.

Azeez Abubakar of Sustainable Solutions for Green Growth elaborated on the competition’s objectives and its positive impact in fostering collaboration and innovation among students.

Professor Adegbenga Adekoya emphasized the necessity for continuous research and proactive measures to combat the escalating climate challenges, citing the students’ research as a beacon of hope and progress in the battle against climate change.

The event also marked the introduction of ResilientScape Africa, a collaborative initiative by Green Energy Mission Africa and Sustainable Solutions for Green Growth, aimed at bolstering environmental sustainability and climate resilience across Africa.

Heather Ackenhusen, a sponsor and volunteer, lauded the collective efforts of all participants, acknowledging the event’s success. Peace Aburime expressed gratitude to the organizers and sponsors, highlighting the importance of public awareness and further research into climate challenges and food security in Nigeria.


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