US First Lady Jill Biden visits Namibia on a trip to Africa

US First Lady Jill Biden arrived in Namibia on Wednesday, starting her five-day visit to Africa to strengthen US relations with the continent.

“Dr. Biden’s engagements will focus on the empowerment of women and youth, efforts to address food insecurity, and promoting our shared democratic values,” the US Embassy in Namibia said in a statement.

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The visit follows a meeting of US and African leaders held in the United States late last year, where Biden hosted a two-day spousal program, the statement said.

Biden will also visit Kenya, which he has visited twice. The first lady has visited the continent six times, but this is her first visit to Namibia.

“I’m honored to host @FLOTUS, Dr. Jill Biden, on her first visit to Namibia. This visit strengthens the friendship we built during the US-Africa Summit and provides us with an opportunity to join our voices in the upliftment of issues that we both care about,’’ Namibia’s first lady Monica Geingos said on Twitter.


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