Vote Competence, Resist Financial Inducement, InterFaith Group Advices Nigerians

Ahead of the 2023 general elections, an Interfaith Dialogue Forum for Peace (IDFP) has called on Nigerian voters to vote for aspirants based on character, competence, and capacity.

The group in a communique signed by theco-chairmen of IDFP, Dr. Yusuf Yakubu Arrigasiyu and Reverend Amos Kiri at the end of a two- day peace conference and 5th General Assembly of Interfaith Dialogue Forum for Peace( IDFP) held in Abuja prompted Nigerians, especially politicians to embrace love and nationalism for the country.

IDFP urges Nigerians to vote for aspirants based on character, competence, and capacity during elections for a progressive and peaceful Nigeria.

IDFP urges the edifice of strong and flexible ethno-religious structures that emphasizes religious harmony, inclusive leadership and social justice.

IDFP calls for effective collaboration among all critical stakeholders before, during and after the elections regarding planning, deployments, voter education, monitoring and information sharing to ensure that votes count.

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IDFP calls on INEC to conduct acceptable training on the use of the BVAS to their workforce and give prompt options to defective BVAS where necessary. IDFP calls on religious leaders to preach peace and not divisions and abhorrence.

IDFP calls on Nigerians to reject every form of fiscal and material conversion for their votes and encourages the National Assembly to hastily pass a law for the establishment of Electoral Offences Commission to work against impunity in election manipulations, ” he said.

The interfaith group further called on Nigerians to work together to ensure that all voters are empowered with enough information that will enable them make wise choices and know the accusations of letting their voices be heard.

In securing the elections, we must ensure that matters aren’t inflated and reactions to ethnical pressures are commensurable to the issues at hand so that peace would preside at every point.

We must stand to guard the forth-coming election in the ambient of ethno-religious sentiments by providing support and protection for those who are likely to be in the topmost need of helping hand, particularly people living with disabilities, the group stated.


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