WhatsApp Will Stop Working on Android and iOS Devices in 2023


By our Correspondent

Very reliable information indicate that those responsible for WhatsApp have conveyed message that will not please owners of old smartphones.

This is the fact that from 2023, devices dated before 2023 (also iOS or android) will not be compatible with the popular messenger. With the start of the new year, those interested in this important gadget will need at least one compatible device Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) or iOS 12.1, the source said.

In other words, starting from 2023, users will need a device that supports at least Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) or iOS 12.1. And another feature that has been requested for a long time is the implementation of “Accidental deletion.

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This is a quick but effective opportunity within five seconds for an individual to undo a message that was deleted by mistakenly clicking the “Delete for me button.

Meanwhile, previously, when someone deleted content locally by accident, the check could no longer be corrected. The function was tested for months after that trial version but the official date has not yet been released, so that it is available to the public.

Again, block prints on single view photos and videos will be moving on to a slightly more controversial tool, as they’re launching a feature that will block local screenshots (famously ‘Publications’) for photos and videos tagged as one view. Many consider the mechanism inconvenient, because there will still be other ways to circumvent the protection.

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However, the latest WhatsApp update has its newness. It will still be possible to capture temporary messages. And Beta users have been testing the implementation since October this year.

So, they’re launching a feature that prevents local screenshots (the famous “prints”) of photos and videos highlighted as a single view.

The question, however, is: What do you think About updates on The WhatsApp?
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