Abia Govt. Grants Scholarship To Children Of Fallen Soldiers

Abia Govt.Grants Scholarship To Children Of Fallen Soldiers
Abia Govt.Grants Scholarship To Children Of Fallen Soldiers

In the wake of a tragic incident in Obikabia, Ogbor Hill, Aba, which claimed the lives of five military personnel, Dr. Alex Otti, the Governor of Abia State, has displayed a heartfelt gesture by granting scholarships to the children of the soldiers who succumbed to the attack on Thursday, May 30.

The soldiers who lost their lives while serving their country have been identified as Sgt. Chalse Ugochkwu, Sgt. Bala Abraham, Cpl. Ugwu Gideon, LCpl. Ikpeama Ikechukwu, and LCpl. Augustine Emanuel.

Governor Otti, paying a visit to the 144 Battalion headquarters in Ukwa West Local Government Area to offer his condolences, expressed deep sympathy toward the Nigerian Army and the bereaved family members. He sternly denounced the act of violence, attributing the attack to malefactors aiming to disrupt the peace and stability of Abia State.

Further conveying the government’s resolution to deal with the situation, Otti pledged to foster stronger ties with security forces to guarantee the capture and consequent punishment of those accountable for the attack.

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In a remarkable initiative to support the families of the fallen, Governor Otti announced the allocation of a N25 million bounty for any individual providing information that would lead to the arrest of the culprits.

Moreover, Otti committed to collaborating with the state’s legislative assembly to ratify the educational grants for the children of the deceased soldiers, ensuring that subsequent administrations will continue to fund their education up to the university level.

Brigadier General Olusola Diya from the 14 Brigade Ohafia affirmed ongoing intelligence operations focused on detaining the attackers. He disclosed that the assault resulted in the burning of two army vehicles and the theft of weaponry.

These measures by Governor Otti accentuate the state’s resolution to honor the sacrifice of its soldiers and extend support to their families, fortifying the societal fabric in times of adversity.


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