Abuja-Kaduna Train Derailed, Leaves Passengers Stranded at Asha Station

President Tinubu Commissions Abuja Metro Rail, declares 7 Months Free Service.
President Tinubu Commissions Abuja Metro Rail, declares 7 Months Free Service.

Passengers on a Kaduna-bound train from Abuja found themselves stranded following a derailment incident at Asha Station in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) on Wednesday. The derailment, which occurred at approximately 3:52 PM, less than half an hour after the train’s departure from Kubwa Station in Abuja, prompted concerns over the safety and reliability of rail transport in the region.

Bimbo Olawumi, the Director of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection at the Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau (NSIB), confirmed the derailment took place shortly after the train left Kubwa station. She explained the derailed component was subsequently detached, allowing the train to leave the scene by around 6:54 PM and safely reach Idu station with all passengers.

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Despite the swift response to the derailment, passengers faced considerable inconvenience, with reports indicating a lack of immediate communication from authorities regarding the incident.

This recent derailment marks the second occurrence in just two weeks, raising questions about the state of rail infrastructure and operational safety measures. On May 26, another train journeying from Rigasa Station in Kaduna to Abuja experienced a similar issue when it derailed in a mountainous area close to Jere, leading to the derailment of three carriages. Fortunately, no casualties were reported in either incident.

Security personnel were deployed promptly to the site of the latest derailment, ensuring the protection and assistance of stranded passengers. This series of events underscores the urgent need for comprehensive evaluations and enhancements of railway safety protocols to prevent future incidents.


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