Senate Approves Wage Increase For Judges In Nigeria

Senate Approves Wage Increase For Judges In Nigeria
Senate Approves Wage Increase For Judges In Nigeria

Nigeria’s judicial officers are set to receive a significant increase in their earnings as the Senate passes new legislation that focuses on enhancing their salaries, allowances, and related benefits. This bill, which had previously received the green light from the House of Representatives, now awaits presidential assent, expected later in the week.

Under urging from President Bola Tinubu for an expedited review, the proposed bill outlines a considerable augmentation in the annual salaries of top judicial officers. The Chief Justice of Nigeria is slated to earn N64 million, the President of the Court of Appeal will receive N62.4 million, and each Justice of the Supreme Court will take home N61.4 million.

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Additionally, the heads of other courts, including the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court and the President of the National Industrial Court, are set to earn a standardized basic salary of N7.9 million each year.

This pay increase constitutes a burgeoning 300% rise from the current salaries of the judicial officers. The Senate Committee on Judiciary assured that the adjustments have been incorporated into the 2024 Appropriation Act.

Support for this revision has been widespread among various stakeholders, who underscore that the remuneration for judges in Nigeria has not seen an update in the last seventeen years. This significant legislative move aims to rectify that stagnation and foster a more robust and well-compensated judiciary system.


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