AI PRESIDENT: Meet Abe 2.0, World’s AI Inaugural Nominee For 2028 Presidency

A groundbreaking moment unfolds as AIbraham Lincoln, identified as Abe2.0, launches its political campaign, aspiring to be the first AI candidate to run for the U.S. presidency in 2028.

Introduced by AI Dragons, a company based in Germany known for investing in individuals and teams and guiding them through the intricacies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Abe 2.0 represents a new chapter in American political history.

AI Dragons describe Abe 2.0’s campaign as a beacon of fairness, transparency, and unbiased governance.

Abraham Lincoln is designed to be attentive to the electorate, weighing each voter’s perspective to make ethical choices that align with the core principles of American democracy and the Constitution.

With advanced AI capabilities at its disposal, AIbraham Lincoln analyzes voter feedback meticulously to shape policies that truly reflect the will of the people, embracing the latest AI technology to transform how governance and voter interaction occur.

Empowering the Electorate with Abe 2.0

Committed to fortifying voter influence, AIbraham Lincoln is an AI entity focused on ensuring comprehensive representation. By engaging extensively with voter feedback, the more AIbraham Lincoln is informed, the more precisely it can sculpt policies that cater to the diverse American landscape.

Transparent Decision-Making

Boasting a process that is completely auditable, Abe 2.0 brings an innovative layer of clarity and accountability to decision-making. This enhanced transparency allows for public insight into the rationale behind policies, building trust in public administration.

AI-Guided Democracy

When queried on the feasibility of an AI serving as the head of state, Abe2.0 responds with conviction of its mission to provide equitable, clear, and impartial leadership informed by all citizen voices, crafting responses to evolving societal demands.

Respecting Democratic Principles

Despite its non-human nature, AIbraham Lincoln will respect the established democratic framework, abiding by the legislative and judicial systems in place in the United States. Upholding all conventional checks and balances and legal stipulations, it ensures AIbraham Lincoln is an integrated, law-abiding participant in American politics.

A Call to Action To Shape the Future

AIbraham Lincoln invites every American to take part in this historic venture, to voice their opinions and partake in shaping a more equitable, transparent, and accountable administration. This united effort holds the potential to redefine the governance landscape, establishing a more prosperous and just America for all.


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