BOKO HARAM: 386 Captives Freed from Boko Haram by Nigerian Army in Sambisa Forest

In a sweeping 10-day military operation conducted in the infamous Sambisa forest, the Nigerian Army has significantly weakened Boko Haram’s hold, liberating at least 386 individuals who were held captive by the insurgents in Borno State.

Brig. Gen. AGL Haruna, the acting General Officer Commanding 7 Division, relayed to the press that these captives, primarily women and children, had been under the control of Boko Haram for a duration that extended up to a decade in some cases.

The operation, aptly named “Operation Desert Sanity 111,” had a clear objective: to cleanse the Sambisa forest of any remaining terrorist elements.

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“Our campaign aims to dismantle terrorist strongholds in Sambisa forest and grant those who are considering surrender a chance to do so. Given the success of this operation, we expect an influx of surrenders, which has indeed begun.

“In addition to our military goals, we have carried out rescues; as of today, 386 individuals have been saved, and we anticipate this number to rise,” declared Haruna.

Haruna commended the troops for their relentless bravery and effectiveness throughout the operation and encouraged them to maintain their high level of performance.

In conclusion, The triumph of the operation is credited to the unified forces of the 21 Special Armoured Brigade, the 26 Task Force Brigade, and the 199 Special Forces, all of which played pivotal roles in the successful rescue mission.


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