Soyinka Moves To Reapply For US Permanent Residence Following Trump’s Conviction

Soyinka Moves To Reapply For US Permanent Residence Following Trump's Conviction
Soyinka Moves To Reapply For US Permanent Residence Following Trump's Conviction

In a striking revelation, Prof. Wole Soyinka, the renowned Nobel laureate, has indicated a potential move to reapply for his U.S Permanent Residence, commonly known as the Green Card, following the recent conviction of former U.S President Donald Trump. Soyinka shared his thoughts in a personal statement, reacting to the conviction with a mix of reflection and anticipation for a renewed democratic vista.

“For millions in anguished parts of the world, certainly for us in vast swathes of the African continent, this is daybreak on a new democratic promise,” Soyinka stated in his statement titled “The Trump Verdict.” He further added, “The warning is clear, sooner or later, the clamour of equity breaks down the stoutest gates on guard across the citadel of impunity.”

Soyinka didn’t hold back in describing the Trump era as a “debacle” while emphasizing the verdict as a challenge and a call to global preparedness against the rise of authoritarian tendencies, whether secular, military, or theocratic. Despite acknowledging that the victory is not yet complete for global democracy, he supports a tempered celebration of this significant judicial outcome.

With his usual eloquence and pointed critique, Soyinka remarked, “P.S. Seeing that this trite, personal gesture attracted such inordinate attention at the time, let me answer the question before it is asked: Yes, I may choose to apply for restoration of my card of Permanent Residence, known as the Green Card. Possibly.”

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In related developments, U.S President Joe Biden has openly criticized Donald Trump’s vehement reaction to his conviction, labeling it as “reckless.” This significant piece of legal history, painting Trump as the first former U.S president to become a convicted felon, unfolds amidst the dramatic lead-up to the November 5 election. Trump’s ambitions for a political comeback contrast sharply against this backdrop, setting the stage for a tumultuous election period.

Source: Africa Today News, New York


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