Court Grants Chioma Okoli Bail Over Erisco Foods Review

Court Grants Chioma Okoli Bail Over Erisco Foods Review
Court Grants Chioma Okoli Bail Over Erisco Foods Review

In the latest development in the Erisco Foods controversy, Chioma Okoli has been granted a ₦5 million bail by the Federal High Court in Abuja. The bail is contingent upon two sureties matching the bail amount, following allegations tied to her social media review of Erisco Foods Limited’s tomato paste product.

Justice Peter Lifu, presiding over the case, stipulated that the sureties be either the defendant’s spouse or a close relative, each with a verifiable income and residential status within the court’s jurisdiction. The sureties are required to submit passport photographs, and Okoli must surrender her international passport if in possession.

Okoli’s legal counsel successfully argued the bailability of the offences charged, with Justice Lifu acknowledging the rights enshrined in Section 36 (5) of the 1999 Constitution, affirming the defendant’s presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

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The decision to grant bail was also influenced by Okoli’s health concerns, and Justice Lifu noted that denying bail would equate to a premature trial conclusion and reflect poorly on judicial discretion.

The case, which has been adjourned until June 13 for further proceedings, centers on Okoli’s claim that the Nagiko tomato mix produced by Erisco Foods tasted sugary, a review she posted on her Facebook page which led to her arrest and detainment.

Erisco Foods has since publicly refuted her review as “untrue and unfounded,” igniting a debate over consumer rights and the legal implications of online commentary.


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