Educational Consultant Lauds Nigerian Students In UK Over Excellent Performance In Schools

Educational Consultant Lauds Nigerian Students In UK Over Excellent Performance In Schools
Educational Consultant Lauds Nigerian Students In UK Over Excellent Performance In Schools

Mr. Mark Brooks, an esteemed educational consultant in the United Kingdom recently honored with ‘Export Champion’ status by the UK Government for the third consecutive year, has praised Nigerian students for their outstanding contributions and achievements in UK schools. His commendation came during an award acceptance speech from the UK’s Minister for Exports, Lord Offord.

Mr. Brooks highlighted the vibrant presence and exceptional talents of Nigerian students within UK boarding school communities, noting their passion for education and their significant achievements in various fields, including sports, drama, art, and music. “The students from Nigeria are a hugely positive influence in our school communities,” Mr. Brooks stated, adding that many Nigerian students have taken up leadership roles such as Head Girl and Head Boy in their respective schools.

According to Brooks, the majority of these students continue their education journey at UK universities, with a considerable number returning to Nigeria to contribute significantly to the country’s advancements in culture, innovation, business, and global trade.

The award bestowed upon Mr. Brooks recognizes his efforts in fostering educational exchanges and encouraging Nigerian parents to enroll their children in UK boarding schools. For nearly two decades, he has facilitated seminars and exchanges involving senior teachers from the UK, playing a pivotal role in promoting British education among Nigerian families.

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Lord Offord commended Brooks for his commitment to enhancing educational ties between the UK and Nigeria, stating, “Our world-class education offer is in high demand globally, and with Export Champions like Mark, we can connect more businesses in the UK to new opportunities in markets across the globe.”

This collaboration has garnered increased interest in educational events and exhibitions in Nigeria, supported by the UK’s Department for Business & Trade and the British High Commission in Nigeria. Brooks’ appointment as an Export Champion is a testament to his expertise in international trade and his invaluable advisory role to UK schools on their export initiatives.

With plans to host more educational events in Nigeria in June and September, Mr. Brooks continues to inspire and facilitate the growth of UK-bound Nigerian students, strengthening the educational bridge between the two countries.

SOURCE: Africa Today News, New York


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