Algeria: 17 people die of carbon monoxide poisoning


Seventeen people have died of carbon monoxide poisoning in Algeria over the past 24 hours, the Algerian Civil Defence said yesterday.

Nine people from one family were found dead on Monday evening in their home in Bou Saada, about 250 kilometres south of Algiers, the Civil Defence said.

The family consisted of the father, mother, five children, and two guests.

Likewise, a married couple and their four children died in their home in the municipality of Ain Oullmane in the province of Setif on Monday night as a result of carbon monoxide leaking from their stove.

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Two others died of suffocation on Monday evening in Mostaganem, according to the same source.

Two cases of carbon monoxide poisoning emitted from the heaters in Ain Melilla in Oum El Bouagi Province were recorded.

Seven cases of carbon monoxide poisoning emitted from the fireplace inside a family residence in the village of Lakmakin, Rabta municipality, were also recorded.

The drop in temperatures in recent days in Algeria is prompting many to resort to heaters, which are often powered by gas.


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