Breaking: Lt. Cdr. Yusuf A H, (Rtd) Murdered by His Son

By Mohammed Eroje

Authoritative information reaching us indicate that Lt. Cdr. Yusuf A. H. (Rtd) has been killed by his own son, simply referred to as Afiz.

Cdr. Yusuf A H, who retired from the service of the Nigeria Navy, recently, was said to have been murdered, Saturday, by his son in his house at Ayobo, in circumstances that can only be described as cloudy.

Breaking: Lt. Cdr. Yusuf A H, (Rtd) Murdered by His Son
Afiz, the killer

However, early Investigations revealed that the son had requested for N1.5m from his dad but the father couldn’t provide this amount of money demanded by Afiz.

The retired naval officer’s son then decided to kill him because his father is retired and waiting for his pension benefits.

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On the scene of the gruesome killing of the naval officer by his son were: a sledge hammer, a brand new cutlass, a hack-saw and two new kitchen knives, among other deadly weapons.

Meanwhile, Afiz was apprehended by local vigilante members as he attempted to flee with neighbours who had caught wind of the dastardly killing of the officer, because of the shrill cries that emanated from his home as he was being attacked by his son, raising the alarm.

And then the officer was discovered in a pool of his blood, with matchete cuts all over his body.

Afiz could be seen in front of the officer’s compound, tied down in tight ropes to be eventually handed over to the police.

May the late officer’s soul rest in peace.


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