Raila Odinga Speaks On Uhuru

By JohnMac

Going by current political trend in Kenya, one Kenya Alliance leader Raila Odinga has revealed that former President Uhuru Kenyatta will not resign from the Azimio leadership.

Declaring his stand on Sunday, January 8 in Mombasa, the former Prime Minister termed the rumors that the retired president will leave the opposition camp as propaganda.
According to him, “There is no power struggle in Azimio. Everything is done as per plan. He is in Azimio to stay. I was with Uhuru yesterday and I talked to him this morning. Uhuru is a member and part and parcel of Azimio leadership,” Odinga maintained.

Odinga’s remarks come a month after Jubilee party Vice Chair, David Murathe told reporters that Uhuru would soon quit his role as the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance party chairperson and focus on his Kenyan peace envoy job. “We will be having a meeting very soon where he will formally resign as the chairman of the Azimio council. Obviously, you cannot have two drivers steering a bus.

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Meanwhile, this vehicle called Azimio now has one driver and that driver is Jakom (Mr. Odinga),” Murathe said.“ He is now above local politics. Going forward, everything is Jakom and the Azimio system. The council will sit and make a decision about who takes up the position but the overall leader of Azimio is now Jakom and there is no ambiguity about it,” he added.

Apparently, the former president had on September 13 been appointed as the Kenyan Special Peace envoy to Ethiopia and DRC by President William Ruto.

He said, “I have asked my elder brother Uhuru Kenyatta who has done a commendable job in those regions, and he has graciously agreed to continue chairing those discussions on behalf of the people of Kenya, “I have committed that the government of Kenya will support those initiatives that will be chaired by Uhuru Kenyatta and I want to thank your Excellency for graciously agreeing to support us and help me in those interventions,” Ruto said.


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