Civil Disturbance Reported in Ojota Area, Nigeria

By Mohammed Eroje

A heightened civil disobedience is said to have broken out Monday 9th January, 2022, in the Ojota area of Lagos, Nigeria.

This bloody clash is said to be between members of the Odua People’s Congress (OPC) and agitators for a Yoruba nation.

One person has been reportedly killed during the clash between suspected members of both groups in Lagos.

According to Isah John, a resident of Ojota, and other eye-witness account, the clash was, inadvertently, said to have happened at the early hours of Monday at the Ojota area without any known causes.

Undisclosed sources further reported that police arrived the scene and shot teargas to disperse the uncontrollable crowd.

The immediate reason for the clash between the two parties is still remote and remains largely unknown.

In the meantime, police authorities in Ojota Police Area Command, have asked the unsuspecting public to avoid the 7up and Ojota areas until normalcy is restored.

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All those living in this adjoining areas are hereby advised to use alternative routes where possible.

In any case, the public is also alerted on the fact that the prevailing heightened situational awareness is imperative.
But the public is futher encouraged to listen to local news for updates.

Responsive behaviour, however, is hereby being advised.


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