Collaboration of Nollywood, Asian Film Industries Worthwhile” – Chinese Envoy

Cui Jinachun, the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, has called for collaboration between Nollywood and Asian film industries, to produce works that would promote harmony, peace and unity between both continents.

Jinachun is said to have made the call at the opening of the Fourth Asian Film Festival and movie screening in Abuja on Monday, 21st November, 2022.

The envoy also proposed the organising of events in China where Nigerian movies could be watched by Chinese citizens to educate them more about the country.

Jinachun explained that Nigeria is critical to Africa and the Nollywood movie industry had taken the lead with a huge potential of driving the goal.

In his words, “I am really happy to share my idea with you all and you know this year, we proposed harmony symphony in Nigeria. I think that is how we can find way to promote harmony and symphony.

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And he added: “So, the fourth Asian Film Festival is very good. Here, we have nine countries from Asian continent. I think that it is beyond Asia because I believe that harmony is for every nation.

He continued saying, “You know in Asia we have 47 countries, in African continent we have 54 countries, so we can work together to produce films for the harmony of the people, society and the nations.

Hence according to him, “I do believe that Nigeria can take the lead because Nollywood is in Nigeria.”

He said further, “Nigeria particularly leads in producing in the film industry, so I think this kind of factor will give a big push and big momentum to develop Nollywood.

And, “I hope that next year, maybe Nigeria can do this in China for people to enjoy the film. I think we should make this happen,” Jinachun said.

Meanwhile, Otunba Olusegun Runsewe, Director-Deneral, the National Council for Arts and Culture lauded the Chinese Embassy for taking the lead in initiatives and events that would foster harmony and unity across all sectors.

He said that the aim of the event was to create opportunity for countries to exchange views and ideas from different perceptions.

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As he put it, “We will like to be part of it from next year. That is, we will be able to find a way to get Nigerian production to join this. It is never too late for us to use the platform to showcase Nigeria.

Concluding he said, “So for me, the Chinese people have succeeded in giving out this platform to see the strength of all the nine countries put together and it is a welcome development. I look at it as an opportunity for us to also build after this.”


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