Niger State Speaker Sponsors Marriage for 100 Girls in Kind Gestures

Niger State Speaker Sponsors Marriage for 100 Girls in Kind Gestures
Niger State Speaker Sponsors Marriage for 100 Girls in Kind Gestures

Hon. Abdulmalik Sarkindaji, the Speaker of Niger State House of Assembly, has undertaken a philanthropic initiative to facilitate the marriages of 100 girls from his constituency in Mariga Local Government Area.

His sponsorship aims to alleviate the financial hardships of the girls’ families, with many being unable to afford wedding expenses due to economic constraints or as a result of losing family members to insecurity.

The speaker, in a statement, clarified that the decisions for marriage were with their consents, with the girls having suitors of their choice but lacking the means to fulfill customary matrimonial provisions.

He is providing essential items such as room furniture and kitchen utensils to ensure the girls’ comfort in their new households.

This act of kindness is part of a series of benevolent acts extended by the Speaker to aid his constituents in critical need.

These initiatives are grounded in extensive consultations with the girls’ surviving parents, relatives, religious figures, and other key community members.

In the statement, he said “The other categories are those that have lost their parents to insecurity in the area and have nobody to finance their wedding even though they have suitors.

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“Majority of the girls are orphans, who have lost their parents, including children of our galant vigilantes, who lost their lives to bandits and have nobody to finance their wedding despite attaining marriage age with someone ready to marry them.

“The girls are not being married out against their will, and their husbands are not being forced on them. They have suitors of their choice, but only that their parents and relatives do not have the means to marry them out.”

According to the statement, he insisted that there was no other motive or strings attached to this gesture other than to relieve the parents of the burden.

In conclusion, the Speaker has demonstrated his commitment to education by funding JAMB examination fees and providing computer training for 100 prospective candidates, further establishing his dedication to supporting the empowerment and betterment of his community.


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