Solar Energy: Nigeria Aims to Lead in Production Of Solar Technology For Africans

Solar Energy Nigeria Aims to Lead in Production Of Solar Technology For Africans.
Solar Energy Nigeria Aims to Lead in Production Of Solar Technology For Africans.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has set a visionary plan for Nigeria to become a principal manufacturer of solar technologies within Africa.

This was revealed in a meeting with Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa State, President Tinubu detailed the strategic importance of leveraging Nigeria-China collaborations to corner the solar panel market across Africa and specifically in the West African sub-region.

Highlighting the recently inaugurated largest lithium processing plant in Nasarawa’s Lafia, President Tinubu underscored Nigeria’s potential as a magnet for foreign investments.

He urged Chinese companies engaging in this sector in Nigeria to conduct their businesses responsibly, with an emphasis on environment-friendly practices.

President Tinubu expressed his confidence in Nigeria’s qualified workforce and strong economy’s capability to enable the local production of solar technologies.

He also highlighted the importance of responsible mining practices and active community involvement by the mining firms.

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Praising Governor Sule and Minister of Solid Minerals, Dele Alake for their roles in advocating for the environment and adding value in the mining sector, President Tinubu reinforced Nigeria’s pledge to cultivate a favourable setting for investments and trade with their European counterparts.

Governor Sule reciprocated the sentiment, acknowledging President Tinubu’s backing for the development of solid minerals, which includes maximizing the lithium mining potential in his state.

Minister Alake also spoke on the Ministry’s initiatives to mitigate hazards from derelict mines and encouraged domestic enterprise in the mining industry.

In response, the Chinese executives assured compliance with national mining regulations and commitment to their social responsibilities within host communities.

In conclusion, The companies involved in these ventures, including Avatar and Canmax Technologies, are significantly investing in the lithium processing capacity of Nasarawa State, thereby contributing to Nigeria’s push toward becoming a powerhouse in solar technology production for the continent.


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