“Dangote Is Owner Of Nigeria” Why Google Says

There are multitudinous claims circulating on social media that suggest billionaire businessman, Aliko Dangote, is the ‘ owner of Nigeria ‘, as a result of his Wikipedia profile being suggested by the Google hunt algorithm whenever ‘ Who’s the proprietor of Nigeria ‘is searched .

It appears that for some time now, Google’s hunt algorithm has been Promoting information that’s either constantly inaccurate or, when there’s no applicable composition , it displays an arbitrary profile from Wikipedia.

Still, on Thursday, some Nigerian social media druggies searched for “ The owner of Nigeria ” on Google and the hunt machine displayed Aliko Dangote’s profile from Wikipedia as the result , which caused misinformation and propaganda to spread on Twitter.

Numerous individualities took to Twitter with screenshots of the Google hunt result , prompting others to do the same in order to confirm it. This led to numerous people conducting the same hunt and participating in the results across colorful social media platforms, and as a result, numerous people came to believe that Aliko Dangote, the rich man in Africa, owns the country of Nigeria, which has a population of over 220 million people.

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Popular Nigerian comedian , Helen Paul, recently posted how a Google hunt showed that Dangote is the owner of Nigeria.

Taking to her sanctioned Instagram runner , the media personality posted a screenshot of a Google hunt asking who owns the country .

The comedian did not feel to be laughing as she explained her compliances about ‘the owner’ of Nigeria. She wrote “Who’s the proprietor of Nigeria on Google? “The owner doesn’t post important on the social media. The owner is always giving us a gentle smile. The owner doesn’t drag on social media . The owner does n’t post family & musketeers onsocial media . Oh. What A owner. ”

But there’s no legal or indigenous basis for the claim that Aliko Dangote is the owner of Nigeria.

We conducted the same hunt for ‘Who’s the owner of Nigeria’ on Google and the hunt results showed Aliko Dangote.

Still, the same hunt was also held for other countries and the results showedthe billionaire of each country being listed as the owner of that country . This was indeed the case for China, where Jack Ma was shown as the owner of China.

The reason for this misinformation isn’t far- brought. The problem is Google algorithm error.

One of the crucial benefits of ChatGPT, the AI ​​bot, is that it can provide accurate and dependable information . In this case, it wouldinform you that Aliko Dangote isn’t the proprietor of Nigeria. In discrepancy , the Google search algorithm may suggest an answer indeed if it’s grounded on false or deceiving information .

This isn’t the first case where Google’s hunt algorithm has spread false information. In history, there were analogous crimes similar to when it was suggested that Agbani Darego wasthe unpretty Nigerian woman .

These incidents passed because Google is simply a hunting machine that displays papers that have previously been written on the internet. When it can not find an applicable composition for a specific query , it frequently displays arbitrary names from Wikipedia.

It’s important to note that the information being spread on social media , claiming that Aliko Dangote is the owner of Nigeria, is false. Nigeria is an autonomous nation , governed by the Federal Republic of Nigeria, with a President as the Head of State and government. The chairman is tagged by the people through a popular process . Dangote is a successful businessman, but he doesn’t enjoy the country. The Google hunt algorithm affectsthat suggests his Wikipedia profile as “ the proprietor of Nigeria ” is deceiving , because the platform only gives you what has been published on the internet, and once it can’t find applicable information , it displays arbitrary names from Wikipedia


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