Emerging Young African Leader, Mwangala Maunga

Emerging Young African Leader, Mwangala Maunga
Emerging Young African Leader, Mwangala Maunga

By Victoria Taiwo

Mwangala Maunga from Lusaka in Zambia invented a solar water purifier at age 12, to improve the welfare of her community.

Mwangala is an advocate of child rights and attends Roma Girls Secondary School in Zambia.

She was inspired to find a solution to water-borne diseases in her country and this led to her innovation with the invention of a water purifier.

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In 2020, She was the youngest and only Zambian speaker at the Virtual International Youth Day which features the youngest Deputy Minister of Information and Technology in Namibia, and also other directors from UNICEF and the African Union.

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Furthermore, at the PUSH WOMEN AWARDS, She received the Emerging Young African Leader Award, in which She was this youngest recipient of the Brenda Muntemba.

However, to continue her advocacy roles and empowerment, the female child in 2021, started an organisation called Girl Power Platform and was elected President of the organisation called Little Miss Intellect Zambia, an organisation that promotes and motivates girls from 6 to 14 years in achieving their dreams.

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She was named the youngest STEM Change maker at the Genius, Education Zambia Awards. Mwangala is passionate about Science and Technology.

Mwangala has been making impact and a difference at a young age in her country and the world.


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