African Young Models Turn Recycled Materials into Outfits

Nigerian Young Models Turn Recycled Materials into Outfits
Nigerian Young Models Turn Recycled Materials into Outfits

By Victoria Taiwo

In the annual trashion show in Lagos, Nigeria, young models showed off the runway with turned recycled materials in 2022, edition.

Environmental activists have been partnering with teenagers in their desire for a better and cleaner environment.

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It organises clean up of trash’es, drainages, ditches across communities. Hence, the plastic litters are then used to create outfits for the trashion fashion show.

According to authorities, an estimated population of 25 million generates, at least, 12,000 metric tons of waste daily.

Nethaniel Edegwa, the 16 year old said, “my participation in the show is about making a difference. I really want to make a change since we are all affected by the climate change. Hence, I decided to take part in this year’s edition.”

Joy Udoka said together with her team, she designed and created dress pieces out of the mounting plastic pollution found on the streets, beaches and waterways of Nigeria’s booming cultural megacity.

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Eyeoyibo Joyce, a 15 year old model said that waste should not be treated anyhow and we should always find a way to trash and discard them properly.

Countries suffer from climate crisis and we all can come together with innovations to reduce climate crisis.

It is clear that in Africa, we have more people clamouring for change and more people making impact across the world.


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