Garry Conille Sworn In As Prime Minister Of Haiti

Garry Conille Sworn In As Prime Minister Of Haiti
Garry Conille Sworn In As Prime Minister Of Haiti

Garry Conille stepped into the role of Haiti’s Prime Minister on Monday, taking over the responsibilities from interim leader Patrick Boisvert. In a modest ceremony hosted at the Prime Minister’s office in Port-au-Prince, 58-year-old Conille, who had previously had a stint in the same role from 2011 to 2012, was officially sworn in.

Tasked with the formidable goal of instilling order and initiating much-needed institutional reforms, the newly appointed Prime Minister will collaborate closely with the Transitional Council to exercise executive functions.

Amid his duties, one of the crucial assignments for Conille is to work with the transitional council to ensure a fair and democratic presidential election is conducted promptly before the onset of 2026.

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Bringing a wealth of experience from his tenure with the United Nations, Conille served as UNICEF’s regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean starting January 2023 before accepting his current position as the Prime Minister of Haiti.

As the nation awaits the arrival of an international police force, spearheaded by Kenya, it is hoped that this initiative will significantly bolster efforts to curtail the rampant gang violence afflicting Haiti, paving the way towards peace and the restoration of public safety.


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