Global Peace Council President Nigerian- born Ojadah Emerges

The Supreme Council of the International Peace and Governance Council( IPGC) and the Chartered Institute of Peace and Governance( CIPG) both headquartered in the United States of America USA have expressed stopgap that the appointment of the first Nigerian, Amb( Dr) Jonathan Ojadah will consolidate peace relations and security between Africa and the world.

Amusement director-general UNIPGC- Africa, Dr Abera Adera Jotte, made the exposure in a congratulatory letter made available to journalists.

Amb Ojadah has surfaced in acting capacity, the Global President of both associations( IPGC & CIPG), USA.

Jotte said Ojadah had shown tremendous commitment towards the upliftment of the association which earned him the nomination by two- third members of the Supreme Council in fulfillment of the association’s demand in the Constitution.

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The letter read “ I’ve seen you worked hard and demonstrated amazing results being Director General of Africa. You have genuine interest and commitment to continuously perfecting both your workflow and that of IPGC and CIPG operations. You have energy and eventuality to lead these associations”.
Jotte confided Ojadah saying “ Thank you for inspiring all of us to work hard towards our SDG pretensions ”.

He still called for strengthened ties saying “ I would like to emphasize the significance of farther expansion of the multifaceted collaboration between our mainland Africa and the Global in advancing Africa’s development and peace security. I express my readiness to continue working with you and your Global platoon representing Africa ”, Jotte said.

IPGC is a registered International civil society association in the USA with Continental chapters and representations in Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa.

Also, the association has been in cooperation and laboriously working connections with colorful United Nations Associations; including the African Union( AU ECOSSOC).

They’re inversely in collaboration with estimable institutions world-wide to handle Civil and ethnical conflicts,inter-state wars, terrorism, poverty eradication, negative impacts of profitable globalization, mortal rights abuses, and the problems endured by transitional and standardizing societies which portrays a grueling list of problems that defy us moment.


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