Kachikwu Warns: Angry 220m Nigerians Will Soon Revolt

The Presidential Aspirant of African Democratic Congress( ADC) Dumebi Kachikwu has likened the growling of over 220 million Nigerians to an earthquake that will soon erupt.

Speaking at a press conference, after he returned to work after nearly two weeks of insulation due to an infection of the coronavirus, the presidential aspirant said the over 220 million Nigerians who carry the burden of failed leadership are now growling.

He said, “The over 220 million poor Nigerians who carry the burden of our failures are growling. When this growling will turn into an earthquake, no bone knows. God help us all when the earthquake comes.

“Eight times agone , there was palpable pressure in our land as the fever of change gripped Nigerians, substantially our youths. Anything and anybody but President Jonathan they said.

“The APC skilfully manipulated the minds and feelings of Nigerians and successfully delivered a so- called reformed oppressor as President of Nigeria. Eight times latterly, we now know that when people say change, we should ask for change in what direction. Indeed children do n’t want to hear the word change.

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“We’re in this mess because we do n’t question anything as a people. We’re apathetic to politics and governance. We fail to see the connection between government, governance and our lives because for too long the Nigerian Government has simply was in name to the Nigerian people.

“ I tête-à-tête believe that President Buhari had some good intentions in mind when he ran for office but alas when his health failed, his government also failed. moment, the same APC that failed the Nigerian people vastly with a sick chairman has presented another sick seeker to the Nigerian people.

“There’s nothing wrong with being old or sick as we will each get old someday.

also all get sick at some point or the other. What I do have a problem with, is a aspirant with significant cognitive disabilities embarrassing my nation and making a mockery of the entire political process. Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu has no business being in this race or continuing this race. He has said it’s his turn and I agree it’s his turn to do the honourable thing and withdraw from this race.

“I call on his family, his party, the APC and President Buhari to prevail on him to do the right thing. I also call on INEC to wake up from their slumber. We ca n’t continue to be known as the nation that conducts sham choices. INEC ca n’t continue to pretend not to see the namer persuading that takes place at rallies each over the country. What of the primaries? Has anyone been criminated, sanctioned or penalized?

“ There’s too important at stake in this election for Nigeria and Nigerians. An INEC that wilfully disobeys court orders has formerly outfitted the choices. Nigeria ca n’t go another heartache.

“ It’s a tragedy that a month to the Presidential choices, the myriad issues that persecute our nation haven’t been batted by the Presidential campaigners. How do we fix our frugality other than just saying from consumption to product? Produce what, where and when? We ca n’t continue to deceive our youths and the generality of Nigerians with shibboleths and nice sounding expressions. How do we break our energy extremity? Is it okay for Nigerians to perennially line for energy or live in darkness in the time 2023? What of severance, casing, infrastructural deficiency, security and our nationhood? When do we bandy and debate these in detail so the Nigerian people know what’s at stake in this election? Our nation is in serious trouble. Any presidential aspirant who thinks he can preside over this nation without a easily articulated plan on how to fix our problems from day one is living in Lalaland, “ Kachikwu added.


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