Inaugural Future Leaders Challenge Set to Empower South African Talent

Inaugural Future Leaders Challenge Set to Empower South African Talent
Inaugural Future Leaders Challenge Set to Empower South African Talent

The Middle East & Africa Future Leaders Challenge makes its South African debut in Johannesburg on May 8th and 9th, 2024.

Following successful launches in Dubai and Morocco, the event positions itself as a crucial convergence for upcoming talent in hospitality and tourism.

The gathering serves as a hub for innovation, bringing together students and experts for an exchange of knowledge and opportunities.

Organized with input from the School Directors Alliance, GameChangers, Tourvest, and Hilton, the event aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry, fostering a skilled workforce for the future.

Participants will also compete for a spot at the MEA Future Leaders Challenge finals in Dubai slated for January 2025.

Hubert Ummels, GameChangers Group founder, affirms FLC’s mission to drive initiatives bolstering education and developing human capital.

He states “This platform unites industry leaders, students, and universities, driving transformative collaborations and initiatives to enhance education quality, talent development, and human capital focus”.

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The event will offer 60 students from 15 institutions across South Africa a chance at 60 professional and internship opportunities globally, marking a collaborative effort to enhance education and professional standards.

The South African School Directors Alliance, consisting of 15 leading institutions, marks a strategic effort in championing educational excellence. The event promises insightful workshops, strategic discussions, and a job fair, with May 9th revealing the finalists and winner.

Hilton Vice President Andreas Lackner expresses enthusiasm for the initiative’s expansion into South Africa, emphasizing hospitality’s significant economic role. The initiative promises a pathway for young professionals to engage with industry leaders and build promising careers.

The FLC event aligns with MEA FLC’s goal to nurture future leaders, potentially positioning South Africa as a key regional player in hospitality and tourism talent development. The involvement of key partners like Hilton, Accor, and Radisson underscores the industry’s commitment to cultivating leadership talent.

For more details on the challenge, visit, and for inquiries or interviews, reach out to [email protected].

Major Board Members:

1) Hubert Ummels, Owner and Founder GameChangers Groupc & initiator MEA FLC

2) Sandra Kneubuhler – Country Director of Sales & District Director, Radisson

3) Judi Nwokedi, Chair Gauteng Tourism Authority

Some Participating Schools:

1) UJ – University of Johannesburg
2) TUT- Tshwane University of Technology
3) UNISA – University of South Africa
4) UNIZULU- University of Zululand
5) NHL Stenden South Africa.


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