Africans Too Deserve The Best Education

Africans Too Deserve The Best Education
Africans Too Deserve The Best Education

Kennedy Baboloki Kwati, hailing from Botswana and having previously contributed as Chief of Staff at the African Leadership University, shares his insights with

Presently an MBA candidate at Asia School of Business in Kuala Lumpur, Kwati discusses his background, educational journey, and the transformative role of education in Africa’s progress.

Kwati’s entrance into the educational sector was born from his personal challenges.

Despite a modest upbringing, he recognized education as the key to altering his life’s trajectory and providing a brighter future for his family.

His experiences have fueled a commitment to extending educational opportunities to others.

Reflecting on his tenure at the African Leadership University, Kwati underscores the formidable task of establishing a premier institution.

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He emphasizes the need for maintaining high standards to produce graduates who can compete on a global stage, despite the financial and resource challenges this invites.

A strong, unified vision, Kwati believes, is critical in steering teams toward common goals, particularly in the face of debates and operational hurdles.

He also recalls ALU’s swift pivot to online learning amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, a testament to the team’s dedication and ability to work under pressure.

Kwati’s narrative underlines the power of determined groups to surmount obstacles and the conviction that with ingenuity and tenacity, challenges can be met head-on, resulting in growth and enhanced capability. interviewed him on his educational journey and what doors this overlooked sector plays in sustaining the continent.

Why did you choose education?

I was driven by a strong desire to improve my circumstances. Education offered me a way out of challenges and hope for the future.

Given what it did for me, I’m committed to offering similar opportunities to others, leveling the playing field for those who lack basic access.

What did you learn from African Leadership University?

Building a quality university isn’t easy. It requires hard work, long hours, and determination.

Vision is key, and having a strong ‘why’ can unite and motivate a team. During COVID, we swiftly shifted to online learning, which tested and ultimately demonstrated our resilience and capability.

Your thoughts on Africa’s current education system?

Our education system is fighting to keep up amid globalization pressures, and we can’t afford to lose ground. We must value and empower innovative educators to transform our educational practices and prioritize transformative learning over outdated ideologies.

Our goal should be world-class education that equips our youth for the future.

Why Asia for your MBA?

Asia represents a model of rapid economic advancement that Africa can learn from. Attending the Asia School of Business offered experiential learning and the chance to absorb diverse perspectives.

Lastly, What is your opinion on the state of education in Africa?

Quality education in Africa is declining due to a shortfall in passionate educators and misalignment with modern learning goals. Teachers are undervalued, causing a dip in educational motivation and quality.

Plus, societal shifts, like social media’s instant gratification and AI tools, are distorting traditional education, prioritizing credentials over deep learning and skill acquisition.


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