Music World: Extra Year Added To R. Kelly Prison Judgement

R & B singer, R. Kelly, will spend an extra year in prison in addition to the 30-year judgment he’s previously serving.

The singer was incarcerated in June 2022 for three decades for sex trafficking and misconduct after a trial in New York.

Several months afterward , he was convicted in a second federal trial in Chicago of soliciting minors for sex and producing child sexual imagery.

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He has now entered a 20-year term for those crimes, but 19 will be served at the same time as the former judgment .

Howbeit, he’ll be behind bars until he’s in his mid-80s, If served in full.

Federal prosecutors were seeking a 25-year judgment in the second case, advanced than demanded under federal sentencing guidelines. They said Kelly’s crimes were made worse by the fact that he filmed his victims, with some of the footage thereafter becoming available online.

Because Kelly is Kelly, further people have watched child pornography, ”they said in a memo, adding that “ The plunder of Kelly’s conduct are wide-ranging, immeasurable and irreparable.

The memo argued that Kelly has an “insatiable” desire to abuse children, and that a lengthy judgment was needed to “protect the community” from additional harm.

Kelly’s defence attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, had asked the judge to allow Kelly to serve his latest judgment coincidently with the former judgment, meaning he’d have served them at the same time. She said a sequential judgment would amount to a “second life judgment”.

She also indicted prosecutors of using an “ stretched” narrative to“ inflame” perceptions of the former R&B star.

During the Chicago trial, the victim –known by the alias “Jane” – attested that Kelly sexually abused her hundreds of times before she turned 18.

Three videos of the abuse were shown to jurors during the trial. Four other women also accused Kelly abusing them as children.

In his former trial in New York, jurors heard that Kelly traded women for sexual abuse across the US, with help from his managers and other members of his entourage.

The Grammy-winning singer – best-known for songs such as Ignition (Remix) and the highly popular 1996 anthem I Believe I Can Fly – is among the topmost- profile musicians accused of abuse in the wake of the#MeToo movement.


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