NAO Seeks For Partnership With Radio Nigeria On Nation Building

NAO Seeks For Partnership With Radio Nigeria On Nation Building
NAO Seeks For Partnership With Radio Nigeria On Nation Building

In a bid to harness Nigeria’s rich cultural diversity for national development, the Ogun State Director of the National Orientation Agency (NOA), Mrs. Olufunke Salako, has extended a call for partnership to Radio Nigeria Paramount FM, Abeokuta. This collaboration aims to foster national unity and promote a sense of patriotism, tolerance, and industriousness among the citizens of Ogun State.

During a cordial visit to the radio station for a familiarization discussion, Mrs. Salako emphasized the indispensability of national unity and the positive impact it can have on Nigeria’s forward march to progress. She underscored the imperative for Nigerians to contribute their quota towards nation-building, encouraging individuals to adopt a constructive and patriotic mindset.

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Highlighting the role of media in shaping public perception and disseminating crucial information, the NOA State Director proposed a strategic collaboration with Paramount FM for the implementation of sensitization and orientation programs. These initiatives are designed to enlighten the people of Ogun State on national issues and government policies, thereby facilitating informed public discourse and civic engagement.

Responding to the NOA’s overture, Mr. Akinyinka Akintola, General Manager of Paramount FM, reassured of the radio station’s steadfast commitment to producing content that is not only informative and educational but also entertaining. Despite facing various challenges, Mr. Akintola affirmed the station’s readiness to support the NOA’s objectives. He pledged that Radio Nigeria would persist in working closely with relevant stakeholders to contribute to the nation’s development and unity.

This potential bond between the National Orientation Agency and Radio Nigeria Paramount FM symbolizes a concerted effort to leverage the power of the media in fostering a well-informed, united, and progressive society. Through this partnership, both entities aim to instill a sense of national pride and duty among Nigerians, further propelling the country towards its developmental goals.


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