Nigeria Experiences Nationwide Blackout as Labour Unions Shut Down National Grid

Nigeria Experiences Nationwide Blackout as Labour Unions Shut Down National Grid
Nigeria Experiences Nationwide Blackout as Labour Unions Shut Down National Grid

In a significant escalation of industrial action, the Nigerian National Grid has been shut down by electricity operators in solidarity with the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress’s ongoing strike. The dramatic reduction of electricity generation from 2,805.59 megawatts at the start of the strike to a meager 28 MW by early morning signals a nationwide energy crisis.

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) made an official announcement regarding the grid shutdown instigated by union actions:

Official Statement by the Transmission Company of Nigeria states:

“The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) wishes to inform the public of a deliberate shutdown of the national grid caused by Labour Union operations, leading to a countrywide blackout. The shutdown transpired around 2:19 am on 3rd June 2024.”

“Initial reports from our Benin Transmission Operator indicated a forcefully vacated control room by 1:15 am, where staff faced physical altercations, resulting in injuries for those resisting expulsion.”

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“Affected through this strike, various transmission substations including Ganmo, Benin, Ayede, Olorunsogo, Akangba, and Osogbo were left unmanned, with numerous transmission lines disengaged.”

The labour union’s intervention also saw generating stations reducing their operational capacity, notably the Jebba Generating Station, which had one unit forcefully halted, followed by three others due to frequency issues caused by unforeseen load cuts. This sequence of events precipitated the grid’s collapse at 2:19 am.

Efforts to recommence grid operation began at 3:23 am, focusing on re-energizing transmission lines via the Shiroro Substation aimed at restoring power to the Katampe Transmission Substation. Despite these attempts, union actions continue to impede the grid’s recovery process.

TCN remains committed to restoring and stabilizing the grid to resume the regular transmission of electricity to distribution centers across the nation as swiftly as possible.

Ndidi Mbah

GM, Public Affairs

Date: 3/5/24

As the situation develops, the TCN is working diligently to navigate through the blackout and ensure the resumption of normal power services. The nation watches as this unfolds amidst the broader context of the labour strike, awaiting further updates from the involved authorities.


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