NSIA 10MW Kano Solar Power Plants: Buhari Commissions It

President Muhammadu Buhari, history commissioned the 10 Megawatt Kano Solar Power Project funded by the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority( NSIA) with the sum of $16 million.

The President who was visibly agitated about the design, expressed satisfaction with the quality of job done with the installation of the solar power shops.

He was accompanied on the commissioning by the governor of Kano State, Dr Umar Ganduje; the Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning; Mrs Zainab Ahmed; the president of the NSIA Board of directors, Mr Farouk Gumel, the managing director/ principal administrative officer of the NSIA, Mr Aminu Umar- Sadiq and other top operation and board directors.

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The NSIA was appointed by the President as finances and design director with a specific accreditation to conceptualize, develop, construct, and operationalize a 10MW solar design on a 24 Hectare parcel of land in Kumbotso Local Government, Kano State.

Haske Solar Company Limited – the design vehicle whose name means light in the Hausa language – is concertedly possessed by the civil government, Kano State government, and the host original government – Kumbotso.

The design is presently the largest grid- connected solar PV factory and is a evidence of successfulmid-sized solar PV deployment in Nigeria.

Speaking at the event, the NSIA MD said the design would catalyse growth in the power sector as it shows that renewable systems of this magnitude can be successfully delivered.

The design also builds Nigeria’s credentials in the fight against climate change and our commitment to attaining net zero carbon emissions by 2060.

The NSIA Boss stated that the 10MW Kano Solar Project offers significant socio- profitable and environmental impacts.

In addition to furnishing access to clean, affordable, and sustainable energy to original diligence and other consumers, Umar- Sadiq told intelligencers that it’ll increase artificial affair by icing companies reach full capacity application.

The design has handed about 2,000 direct and circular jobs to the immediate community.

The factory has further than 21,000 solar PV panels, two 6MVA mills and 52 inverters, a state- of- the- art storehouse and storehouse structure, a control room structure, office and factory structure amongst others, and was erected by a institute of Eauxwell Nigeria Limited, an indigenous original contractor, and their transnational partner – Greencells Energy Middle East and Africa Limited – on a turnkey base.

He said, “This design will truly be transformative to the Challawa Industrial Area which is the artificial area within Kano megalopolis.

“We’ve heard expansive conversations in the course of developing this design and what was clear from speaking to the manufactories, the manufacturing shops and the installations in that artificial cluster is it’ll enhance product effectiveness, reduce product costs and in time begin to attract foreign direct investments into that cluster by basically being the stylish place within this area bring wise to do business. ”

He gave the cost of the design as $16m, adding that that NSIA took some way to insure it got value for plutocrat for the design.

Umar- Sadiq said, “ The investment is about $16 million but NSIA did a couple of effects to insure that the plutocrat went further than what it ought to be.

“The procurement process was detailed, we concentrated on specialized and plutocrat. So, through the procurement process, we managed to reduce the cost of this proposition.

“We also concentrated on icing we got the stylish Engineering, Procurement and Construction contractor that were suitable to be inventive and creative despite the constraints if executing such a design in Kano.

“And eventually, through our Treasury Conditioning, the finances that were given to us, we set up ways to enhance it to increase the returns on those finances that we also used in the cost of developing this design. ”

The design also showed a strong commitment to perfecting the weal of people in the community by furnishing multiple community boreholes to insure access to clean water force, revamping classroom blocks to insure scholars have a conducive terrain to learn and constructing a 2.07 km access road to ameliorate ease of movement in the community.

Also speaking, the NSIA Board president, Farouk Gumel expressed satisfaction with the quality of job done by the design platoon.

He said, “I feel veritably happy. This is a turning point in terms of how Nigeria’s power sector future is going to play out. Its an intriguing design that shows how internal capacity and physical will can deliver systems for the people.

“The NSIA was asked to manage this design and giving all the necessary support to apply this design and we’ve done the design and hopefully the impact of the design will be felt and that’s what the topmost achievement is set up.

“When jobs are created, when families are prosperous, it’ll lead to peace and stability and progress for the nation. I say well done to the platoon and we’re proud of what they’ve done.

A Portfolio director at NSIA, Aisha Abba Kyari said that the NSIA got 24 hectares of land to point the design, adding that the design will have transformational impact on the state.

Also, another portfolio director, Yusuf Umar said that if the solar design is to power homes at an average consumption rate of three kilowatts, it’ll power about 2,000 homes.

For manufactories, he said it depends on the consumption rate, adding that the factory could power numerous large and small size manufactories.

He said the factory also will compound the living capacity of the manufactories within the Kano distribution network.


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