PDP New Generation Says: Atiku Is Bridge Between Old, New Generation

A youth support group for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP New Generation, has said that the presidential aspirant of the party in the 2023 elections, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, if chose as the coming president of Nigeria, will bridge the gab between the old and new generations of Nigerians.

Initiator and Director General of the group, Audu Mahmood, bared this during a discussion with correspondents in Abuja.

He said that Atiku as Vice President of Nigeria recognised the significance of youths as veritable, sublime, an uncontestable socio- political, economic asset and the vanguard for change.

He noted that the youth is a moral host, well-organised and suitable to bring about enhancement and sanity in the Nigerian polity. “

Governments of the past missed the dynamism, drive and focus of the youth, only to celebrate the numerous feats they lacked to understand.

From local to global drifts, the Nigerian youth have proven their worth at the right time to assume social, profitable and political responsibilities in public development.

Atiku Abubakar, will link not only the youths at home, but also place us at the right position of global development drive, ” Mahmood stated.

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He further said that the PDP New Generation is the platform for all Nigerian youths who can recognise the surges and vibes coming from the traits of Atiku, describing the PDP presidential aspirant as a generational ‘lBridge Bridger ’that can guarantee the security and success of the future of the Nigerian youth.

He’s the bridge between the Old and New Generation, ”he added.

PDP New Generation has a database of millions of youthful members across the country.The association has also unclogged the validation of over 15,000 Nigerian youths into the communities of the PDP.

With lower than 20 days to the presidential, Senate and House of Representative elections, the group said it commenced a 20-day civil grassroot mobilisation and awareness exercise tagged Mop- Up Campaign.

Our structures across the country have started visiting markets, shopping malls, academies, and also door-to-door movement, ward-to-ward campaign.

The exercise, which started on 1st February, will last till end of the campaign season. It’ll be carried out concurrently across the country with the objective of reaching out to the grassroot to canvass for votes for the Atiku/Okowa ticket and other PDP aspirants at all levels.

As it stands now, every meaningful Nigerian should be working towards defeating the APC from power. We must all reanalyze our individual opinions and ensure that we all put our strength behind the Atiku/ Okowa ticket, because it’s the only ticket with further chances and capacity to overcome the ruling party, ”Mahmood said.


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