Peter Obi Distances Himself from Labour Party’s Newly Formed “Obidient” Directorate

Peter Obi Distances Himself from Labour Party's Newly Formed "Obidient" Directorate
Peter Obi Distances Himself from Labour Party's Newly Formed "Obidient" Directorate

Peter Obi, having spearheaded the Labour Party’s presidential campaign in the 2023 election, has distinctively distanced himself from the party’s recent attempts to constitute a section specifically dedicated to the “Obidient Movement”.

Elucidating on the essence of the movement that burgeoned in 2022 upon his joining the Labour Party, Obi articulated that it encompasses a broad spectrum crossing beyond the limits of any singular political grouping.

Through a declarative post he conveyed via his official X handle on Wednesday, Obi imparted that the movement is a comprehensive and accepting assembly that is not only African in its breadth but also possesses a global unity, harboring aspirations for an advanced Nigeria.

He articulated that the “Obidient Movement” should not be misconstrued as a specialized wing within any political entity and that those professing to guide such a non-existent wing do not mirror the expansive movement’s ethos.

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He recognized that although there might be entities within political factions aimed at galvanizing the youth, the “Obidient Movement” transcends the domain of individual political parties. This collective is a heterogeneous and inclusive alliance that transgresses traditional political, religious, and ethnic associations.

Peter Obi further specified that the movement is not reined within any party nor centralized within any specific locality, but hosts a membership that spans varied environments and includes individuals from sundry sectors, all united by a singular objective of crafting a renewed and preferable Nigeria. Operating on the tenets of adaptable and innovative change, progress, discipline, and democratic tenets, the “Obidient Movement” promotes tolerance, equality, inclusivity, and justice.

Its members align with a vision where the onus of government is strictly accountable and responsible. They pledge to contribute toward the advancement of Nigeria’s future via the “New Nigeria” project—a project founded upon devotion, integrity, and democratic principles.

Peter Obi asserts that the “Obidient Movement” aspires to cultivate positive transformation by upholding honesty, transparency, and responsibility, while discrediting duplicitous conduct.

“We serve as a symbol of hope for the re-envisioning of Nigeria, where the essence of leadership is rooted in character, capacity, competence, sympathy and the prosperity of all citizens,” he declared.

He concluded by reiterating that the “Obidient Movement” operates autonomously of any political affiliations, fixed on championing positive transformation and advocating for a “New Nigeria” that is available to everyone. This identity, according to Obi, is the essence of the movement and will persist perpetually.


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