President Of Benin Calls For Reopening Of Border To facilitate Oil Trade

President Of Benin Calls For Reopening Of Border To facilitate Oil Trade
President Of Benin Calls For Reopening Of Border To facilitate Oil Trade

The Benin Republic’s President seeks aid from the Nigerian government to resume normal trade operations, particularly for oil exports, by urging the reopening of the Niger side of their shared frontier.

This request comes after Benin reduced trade hindrances on its side of the border following past sanctions against Niger due to a coup the country underwent the previous July, as noted by Africa Today News, New York.

President Patrice Talon of Benin has been vocal about the lack of collaborative efforts from Niger’s leadership to rekindle commercial relations and regularize trade practices. He insists that for oil exports to transition from informal trading to recognized commercial interactions, Niger must officially exempt oil trade from the restriction effects of the border closure.

Without this critical exemption, Talon explains, the standard operational procedures for customs and oil trade between the two nations cannot be conducted.

Niger relies on a pivotal oil pipeline that stretches through to the Seme port in Benin to transport its crude oil to the global market, making the border’s reopening a matter of significant economic importance.

In a candid expression earlier in May, Talon highlighted the importance of Bilateral trust. He stressed that for Niger to use Benin’s ports, it must engage Benin as an ally rather than a conduit for unofficial trade.

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While Benin has signalled its readiness to resume trade by opening its border, Niger’s governmental authorities have yet to lift their side of the barricade, continuing the blockade.

The prolonged border closure has adversely affected Benin’s state revenue and led to an escalated cost of food commodities, emphasizing the importance of the border for both nations’ economic well-being.

President Talon has voiced considerable support for the swiftest possible renewal of amicable ties between Benin and post-coup Niger, underscoring his commitment to regional solidarity.

Niger, classified among the poorest globally, gains access to the international petroleum market through the strategic Atlantic gateway of Benin’s Seme port.

SOURCE: Africa Today News, New York.


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