President Tinubu Vows To Strengthen Local Governments To Tackle Insecurity

President Tinubu Vows To Strengthen Local Governments To Tackle Insecurity
President Tinubu Vows To Strengthen Local Governments To Tackle Insecurity

In response to persistent security concerns, President Bola Tinubu has announced a commitment to bolster the capabilities of local government bodies across Nigeria.

The President addressed the issue during the National Dialogue on Nigeria’s Security Challenges and Good Governance at the Local Government Level, which was held in Abuja by the House of Representatives.

Tinubu, represented by the Defence Minister, Mohammed Abubakar, underscored the critical need for a grassroots approach to the nation’s security challenges.

With the ongoing insurgency, terrorism, banditry, and other violent crimes impacting the national landscape, the President recognized the urgency to create effective solutions to restore and maintain peace and growth within the country.

President Tinubu Emphasizes the Crucial Role of Local Governance
“Understanding the local government as more than an administrative body, but as a foundation stone for our national security, is essential,” he commented.

Tinubu’s drive to empower local governments comes with the understanding that achieving peace, security, and political stability extends beyond military might; it encompasses tackling the root causes of insecurity like hunger, disease, poverty, and unemployment with sustainable progress plans.

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He reiterated the importance of local governments in providing essential services to communities, given their proximity to the populace, and highlighted their pivotal role in counteracting insecurity.

“Our local administrations stand on the front lines of defense against threats, warranting the provision of necessary support to these authorities. They are crucial in fostering a safe and thriving environment,” he added.

Within the same dialogue, the House of Representatives Speaker, Tajudeen Abbas, represented by his Deputy, Benjamin Kalu, stressed the importance of effective governance at all levels as a catalyst for positive transformation. He advocated for the active participation of all Nigerians in governance for societal advancement.

Abbas expressed his concern over the dependency of local governing bodies on central funds for operational costs and encouraged them to explore innovative ways to generate revenue, thus reducing their reliance on allocations from the Federation account.


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