Sounds And Bits From The Just Concluded Future Leadership Conference 7.0

Sounds And Bits From The Just Concluded Future Leadership Conference 7.0
Sounds And Bits From The Just Concluded Future Leadership Conference 7.0

The 7th edition of the Future Leadership Conference was held on Friday, 28th of October, 2022, with great pomp and pageantry.

The morning session of the event saw very many highly placed dignitaries gracing the event with their esteemed presence.

Among the exceptionally appreciated guests in attendance were important personalities of honour such as Pastor Itua Ighodalo, who braced the event as a 1st keynote speaker on the topic: Redefining Leadership & Economy: Strategy for a New Dispensation.

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Jamiel Pajoel was closely on hand with: Youth Participation in politics

This was, of course, aptly followed by a panel discussion on the topic: The Challenges of Africa’s Democracy featuring Mr. Johnson Abbaly, Dr. Lucy Surhyel Newman, Mrs. Abimbola Adebakin and Engr. Pacqueens Irabor. During the discussion, panelists were able to pinpoint the major reason for Africa’s Democratic Challenges to be mainly the lack of education and the high poverty levels among the majority of people in society, among others.

Prof Christopher as the second keynote speaker shared passionately on the need for Nigeria to get it right this time, no doubt this is one man armed with the requisite skill and intelligence to lead a change.

Ali Baba was the next keynote speaker highlighting very elaborately, the reasons for Nigeria’s Graduates Unemoyability bordering mainly on the inability of people to properly identify their areas of strengths and weaknesses. According to him, having identified your area of strength and weaknesses, people should deploy their requisite talents and skills towards achieving their set goals on the route to the desired acquisition of success, wealth and breakthrough in life. This he pointed out, is baring family influences and peer group pressure by friends and close associates.

Then, there was of course, a Masterclass presentation bordering on the opportunities that are available in acquring Certification on Leadership from the Myles Leadership University.

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After this there was the cutting of the cake to mark the 7th edition of the Future Leadership Conference. This saw a colourful and spirited display of continued unalloyed support, fervour and burning enthusiasm of identification with cum dedication to the ideals of committed, excellent, selfless and credible leadership throughout the continent of Africa.

The session was rounded off with word from our sponsors.

The evening session was earmarked for launch of the African Future Leadership Magazine (AFLM), Awards to distinguished awardees that went on amidst buffet for all attendees, followed by full celebration, till mama called.

This session which was chaired by Dr. Chris Onyekachi Simon reached its crescendo, with the eventual launch of the maiden edition of AFLM, as planned followed by Award presentations to all the recipients present but who are too numerous to mention here.

All in all, we wish to use this medium to express our profound gratitude and appreciation to all our keynote address speakers, panel of discussants, special guests of honour, our numerous volunteers and major event sponsor. May God Almighty, in His infinite mercies, continue to extend His divine mercies to you all and bring you succour at the points of your most pressing needs.

The event which was very well attended during the morning and evening sessions by members of the diplomatic corps, the academia cum intelligentsia, the elite and cream-de-la-cream of society, was spiced with entertainment by group and individual artists such as the Fantastic 4 and the Marvels, Bennis Cletin, The First Lady Comedian,and a crop of other entertainers.
This was, indeed, a momentous occasion worthy of veritable record in the annals of African history.


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