The (CNG) Says CBN Should Revise Cash Swap, Withdrawal Limit Policies

The Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) has restated its demand for the immediate reversal of the cash withdrawal limit policy of the Central Bank of Nigeria and the time set for the exchange of old naira notes, saying Nigerians should no longer be hoped to continue to tolerate the high handedness of the Governor of the CBN, Godwin Emefiele.

A statement by CNG spokesperson, Abdul- Azeez Suleiman in Abuja yesterday described the assertion of the CBN Governor on a short deadline for the naira exchange and limit for cash withdrawal as unfeeling, illogical, unthoughtful and a clear strategy for disaster. “

The CNG finds it curious that an individual selectee of government would assume similar arrogant larger than life status to push harsh delicate conditions on an entire nation just to achieve his individual desires.

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It’s important for Emefiele to begin to accept the reality that no one owns Nigeria and Nigerians and that the nation is angry and would not be hoped to tolerate, accommodate or condone destructive actions by officials who choose to play God, ” Suleiman said.

The CNG cautioned that there’s earlier a raging national wrathfulness over the mass suffering brought about by the new regime of economic policies that are easily not working.

Before, confusion has set in, millions of homes are going empty, businesses are closing down with palpable wrathfulness mounting each across the country.

It’s the peak of official exemption to declare on the imposition of and executing a financial policy in an unstable economic environment that lacks the necessary infrastructure to operate it.

Based on this, the CNG hereby categorically rejects in its full any farther attempt to throw the nation into confusion by a single entity ’ hardness, whoever that entity may be.

We condemn with all our might the suspicious rigid desperation by Emefiele to apply these policies without ensuring the intensification of public enlightenment about the cashless system so that everybody will be acquainted with the system, since there’s a high rate of ignorance.

We reject these ignoble policies sought to be charged on Nigerians without government supplying continued power supply and acceptable communication link. ‘ The imposition of these policies without addressing the issue of network failure is also suspicious, smacks of a retired schedule and wherefore inferior, ” the statement said.


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