World Bank Supports Nigeria With &45.5 Million For NIN Project

World Bank Supports Nigeria's Economy , Offers $2.25 Billion Loan
World Bank Supports Nigeria's Economy , Offers $2.25 Billion Loan

The World Bank has allocated $45.5 million to Nigeria for the Identity for Development project through the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC).

This funding, as disclosed in a recent World Bank implementation report, is part of the initiative aimed at boosting enrollment in the National Identification Number (NIN) system.

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The overall project cost is $430 million, with the $45.5 million disbursement representing 10.5% of the total budget.

In April 2024, the NIMC reported that NIN enrollment had reached 107.3 million, falling short of the target of 148 million enrollees by June 2024. Despite concerns over the alleged sale of citizens’ data, the NIMC denied reports of a data breach over the weekend.


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