Sudan Thwarts Attempt to Overthrow CAR Government

Sudan Thwarts Attempt to Overthrow CAR Government
Sudan Thwarts Attempt to Overthrow CAR Government

By our Correspondent

In a swift sovereign action, the Deputy Chairman of the Sovereign Council and Commander of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) disclosed that Sudan closed its border with the neighbouring Central African Republic to prevent plans to overthrow the regime of President Faustin Archange Touadera.

Surreptitiously, at a tribal reconciliation meeting in the Belail locality of South Darfur, Monday evening, Hemetti spoke about the insecurity in the state and the closure of the border area with the neighbouring CAR.

Arnetti further accused unnamed parties of planning to overthrow the Central African Republic (CAR) government through the Sudanese territory.

He said, “Those parties recruited forces from all the tribes, including former soldiers, and provided them with RSF uniforms before moving them into the Um Dafouk (border) area.”

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And, “They wanted to implement the plan to change the regime in the Central African Republic,” he added.

Meanwhile, several reports published in the Sudanese media mentioned the mobilization of thousands of armed men dressed in the RSF uniform at the border areas of Um Dafouk, Abu Jaradil and Um Dukhan.

Further, a CAR news outlet, Corbeau News, reported the formation of an armed group called Siriri, founded by Mustafa Sabone.

Matter of factly, the fighters of this group are mainly Chadian and Sudanese mercenaries the source said.

Reliably, in a report published last December about the mysterious disappearance of a former Sudanese general, Sudan media learnt that the retired Maj Gen., Ahmed Abdel-Rahim Shukort Allah, was linked to the formation of a new-armed group based in the triangle of the border between Sudan, Chad and the CAR.

Also, as a military intelligence, Shukort Allah contributed to the formation of the Border Guards Forces that took part in the counterinsurgency campaign in Darfur during the years 2004 to 2006.

Again Hemetti said they uncovered this plot and arrested those behind it. He further said they closed the borders with Central Africa Republic to maintain good neighbourliness.

In the meantime, Shukort Allah family said the former general was missing since December 2022. At the time, sources told the Sudan media that the RSF had arrested him but the matter was not confirmed.


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